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Discover your signature style journey

It’s normal to feel excited, daunted or somewhere in between at the thought of working with a personal stylist to evolve your image.

If you want to find the perfect outfit for a special event or job interview, combine clothes you love in new ways, or would like a supportive professional to help you overhaul your wardrobe completely, let me help you define and find clothes that suit your budget, shape and lifestyle.

Signature Services

Signature Service

Style & Wardrobe Refresh

Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes? And still struggle with what to wear?

This service is ideal for you. I offer a supportive and non-judgemental service online or in person in your home.

We start by sorting the contents of your wardrobe into three groups: items that flatter you and fit your lifestyle (keep), items that no longer work for you (donate or sell), and items that are too worn out to wear (recycle).

Next, I will teach you how to update your look by cleverly combining your clothes in ways you never imagined. I will take photos of these ideas so you can recreate your outfits later.

Finally, I will help you make a ‘Buy Next List’ to help you build your wardrobe purposefully and help you avoid impulse purchases. It might include items you need to replace or ‘gap’ pieces that will make your wardrobe more versatile.


Signature Service

Personal Shopping

Shopping for new (or upcycled) clothes doesn’t have to be overwhelming or upsetting.

Your personality and body are wonderfully unique. So if finding clothes feels hard for you, the problem isn’t you – it’s because fashion is mass-produced.

Fortunately, I am trained to recognise the combination of fabric, cut, and colour that will flatter you. I can help you choose clothing you will feel confident in and teach you how to dress for your lifestyle and shape, especially if your shape is different than it used to be.

We start by meeting to talk about your motivation and goals, budget, and personality and decide when our shopping trip will take place.

In the lead-up and on the day, I narrow down the stores and put together different outfits in each so you can simply walk in and try them on when you arrive! I am confident you will love what I choose but I will never put you under any pressure to buy and I do not work with stores on commission.


Extra shopping will be charged at $70 per hour or part thereof.

Signature Service

Special Event or Teen Formal Styling

Finding the perfect outfit for an event when eyes and cameras are on you doesn’t have to be a struggle.

Choosing a stylish outfit for an upcoming wedding, milestone birthday, school formal or a business or personal branding photo shoot is quite an art.

In addition to personal styling, the location of the event, how formal it is, the time of year and even what other distinguished guests are wearing also matter.

I will help you put together a look you will love from top to toe – including accessories such as your shoes, bag and pieces such as layers for warmth or a hat to keep you cool.

Your service starts with a Style Consultation. We create a mood board together of ideas and colours and we also discuss your budget. Then, I will then search the stores ahead of time so that on the day of your shopping trip, you have a shortlist of outfits that will make you look and feel fantastic. 


Extra shopping will be charged at $70 per hour or part thereof.

Service Bundles

Service Bundle

Style Refresh & Shop Package

Step out more confidently sooner, and save, when you bundle signature services.

If you plan to do both the Style & Wardrobe Refresh and Personal Shopping, you can receive a discount by booking them together. You will also get a scheduling advantage because we can book the services at the same time on days that fall close together. If you would benefit from working with a professional stylist and are motivated to feel more ‘put together’ as soon as possible, this service is for you.


Extra wardrobe edit and shopping time will be charged at $70 per hour or part thereof.

Service Bundle

Ultimate Style Package

If you are ready to reset your personal style and want expert support and guidance, this Ultimate service is for you.

This service includes everything you need to transform your look! Your Style Consultation, Style & Wardrobe Refresh and Personal Shopping. It also includes a Wardrobe Outfitting session, where we incorporate the items you purchased on your shopping trip with your existing wardrobe to create a multitude of outfit combinations.

I will take photos of each look including shoes and accessories and create a digital lookbook for you, so you always have a visual reference and reminder to refer to when you need inspiration. 


Extra wardrobe edit and shopping time will be charged at $70 per hour or part thereof.

Client Testimonials

Amy Robb
April 1, 2023

For Christmas my husband got me a styling package with the amazing Stephanie. I was always unsure of what to wear to places and what went with what. I hate shopping so thought this is not something for me. However, Stephanie came over and we went through my wardrobe and we looked at what I already had and how I could wear it. By the end of this session I had so many different outfits that I could put together with the clothes I already had. The next stage we went shopping. I was a little hesitant as I hate shopping but I can’t believe how much I enjoyed it. Stephanie had already picked many outfits, so I was able to walk straight into a change room and try on all the clothes. She absolutely nailed all the pieces and the colours. The next stage she came over my house again and we went through all the new clothes as well as the old ones and mixed and matched different outfits. She took photos and created a catalogue for me to keep so I can reference back when I need something to wear. I highly recommend Stephanie. She was so patient and really took the time to explain what suits my body shape and colouring. Absolutely amazing!!!

Renee Passmore
January 18, 2023

I have watched my spouse for years throw wardrobe tantrums where I thought enough was enough. I booked a shopping experience with Steph as a Christmas present and can honestly say it was the best gift I’ve given her. In the dressing room away from Steph’s ear my wife actually said ‘this is actually fun, go out there, find some shopping to do, I’m ok in here’. The entire shopping experience was unforgettable, eye opening and emotional. Watching her choose an outfit each morning is now enjoyable rather than a torturous process.

September 29, 2022

Steph has such fantastic knowledge- I had a great experience with her & have had so many positive comments from friends, family and colleagues about my new style! I feel so much more confident in myself, and have learnt how to mix & match with key pieces. Would highly recommend Steph- so grateful for her support.